CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WCNC) -- At a nighttime rally with only a few days left until Election Day, President Barack Obama made what will likely be one of his last pitches for Hillary Clinton.

At the PNC Music Pavilion, the President warned that there is little time left and the race between Clinton and Donald Trump in North Carolina was going to go down to the wire.

He urged everyone to get out and vote for Clinton.

"You know what? Our future depends on it," the President said.

He then began a blistering attack on Trump, saying you can't elect a man who won't even make public his income tax returns.

"Hillary's opponent, Donald Trump, is uniquely unqualified to be President," he told the crowd that filled nearly every one of the 8,000 plus seats inside the pavilion, while thousands more stood on the lawn outside.

Besides Trump, the President chastised Republican Senator Richard Burr for joking that a gun magazine with Hillary Clinton's picture on it should have had a target over her face.

He said he while Burr has since apologized, "The idea of making a joke about violence against somebody who is running for President or who is President...thats why we got the Secret Service,"

This was an anniversary for Obama. It was eight years ago tonight that he was first elected President of the United States.