Blythewood, SC (WLTX)- A woman wasn't allowed to cast a vote for a state senate seat after she was given the wrong ballot in Richland County.

The mishap occurred for Shannon Jones, who's lives in an area represented by Senate District 22. The precinct Jones was assigned to vote in was processing two districts, and when Jones came up to vote, she was given the wrong district's ballot.

She voted and didn't realize she didn't vote for the senator she wanted until she got home. By the time she went back, the poll manager said she had given her the wrong ballot and their only way to fix that was to give her a provisional ballot.

Richland County Voter Registration and Elections Director Samuel Selph says his office probably won't count that provisional ballot because it's against the law to vote twice in one day.

He adds the voter also plays a big role in knowing whether or not they get the right ballot, to which South Carolina Election Commission Spokesman Chris Whitmire disagrees.

"It's not acceptable for any voter to be given the wrong ballot," he said .

Whitmire says there is no way of knowing if other votes didn't count.

Selph did say that they needed more training for their poll managers. State Representative Beth Bernstein agrees and says they've already had this issue brought to their attention.

"We've had some issues with the state elections asking us to increase the amount a poll worker gets," said Bernstein. "I'm not going to sit here and tell you today okay we're going to fund it or we're not but it goes to recruit the poll workers and we really do need to make sure they're trained and educated on the process."

If you have any issues at a polling place you can call the Election Commission at (803) 734-9060.