New York, NY (WLTX) - South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley met with President-Elect Donald Trump Thursday, in what some have reported is a discussion about a possible cabinet position.

Haley's office confirmed in an afternoon statement that the two had a face-to-face at Trump Town in Manhattan.

"Governor Haley was pleased to meet with President-elect Trump," said Haley Deputy Chief of Staff Rob Godfrey. "They had a good discussion, and she is very encouraged about the coming administration and the new direction it will bring to Washington."

A day earlier, reports began surfacing that Haley was being considered for the Secretary of State job in the new administration. South Carolina Lieutenant Governor Henry McMaster told the Associated Press that indeed was the case, and that he was a possible candidate for attorney general.

Haley had verbally sparred a few times with Trump during the primary campaign, and she first supported Marco Rubio's candidacy, then Ted Cruz when he dropped out. But after Trump became the nominee, she said she supported him, and said he was a far better option for America than Democrat Hillary Clinton.

At this week's Republican Governor's Association meeting in Orlando, Florida, she told reporters that she and her fellow GOP governors were "giddy" at the prospect of controlling the White House and both chambers of Congress.