Lindsay Lohan took to twitter early Tuesday morning Lindsay Lohan took to twitter to defend President Trump and demand an end to what she calls "bullying".

The tweet was sent as a reply to fellow Trump supporter, LeahR77. The self proclaimed entrepreneur shared a story on the President backing British parents attempting to get their son to the US for treatment, but were denied.

This is not the first time Lohan has been vocal about her political beliefs on twitter. According to Fox News, Lohan endorsed Mitt Romney during the 2012 Presidential election and Barack Obama in the 2008 election.

Lohan has expressed support for Trump in the past saying in a Facebook live interview in February with The Daily Mail "Look, I think always in the public eye you’re going to be scrutinized, and he is the President, so you have to – you have to join him. If you can’t beat him, join him,"