Cayce, SC (WLTX)- Wednesday is the first day of teacher orientation for Brookland-Cayce High School. Among the new teachers is one the school hopes will help with an increase in immigrant students.

A couple weeks ago, we told you the story of 15 new immigrant students attending Brookland Cayce High School. They're a part of the wave of children that came from Central America without parents or relatives, fleeing dangerous circumstances in their home country.

Last year, the school wasn't quite ready for them. Now, there will be two teachers focusing on students who speak English as a second language.  The school also added a new class that's completely in Spanish.

Gregg Morton is the Principal in BC High School, and says it will help students to navigate through the other courses, "we're just looking forward to this school year and it's good going into the school year to be prepared as a oppose to last year we kind of got caught off guard a little bit but we made some changes and ended up successfully with a lot of our students."

"We're very fortunate to have that new teacher and the program and we think that'll help our students coming into a culture where they know none of the language and are thrown into classes this will help them get up to speed a little bit quicker and hopefully be a little bit more successful" said Morton.

Wade Hasty has been a Spanish teacher for 10 years. He's the second teacher to be added to the ESOL program. 

This is his first time teaching English as a second language, "it's a pretty big responsibility because you're being trusted to make sure that all their educational goals are being met and of course as ESOL teachers sometimes our responsibilities spill outside of our classrooms" said Hasty. 

"You don't always know exactly what you're walking into, my role here is to be helping our [new students] who have been here for a short time, transition into school life here" said Hasty. 

He's excited to join the team and says getting to know the kids will be his priority. 

Teachers have training the rest of this week and the first day of class is on Wednesday.