SUN CITY, Ariz.- At 350 pounds, Norma was always the biggest around and people were brutal to her -- which she healed by eating.

"I always avoided making a scene and getting stares, and I remember going to Disneyland and trying to get on a ride, then the ride operator whispered to me in my ear that I wouldn't fit, I was thick skinned, but still didn't want to make a scene." Norma said. "He then very nicely told me I can walk across and get off the attraction without no one noticing, so I did."

Her doctor told here 10 years ago that if she didn't lose the weight she would die in six years.

She started slow.

"I lost 65 pounds and fell into a comfort zone, but kept going." she said. "It's really easy to fall back on the wagon when you lose weight and you start eating again, this year I eliminated my birthday party because I didn't want to have all the sugar."

To keep reminding herself of how big she was and how far she still needed to go, she tied an airplane seat extender that they had given her to her refrigerator -- she saw it every time she walked up to the door.

"I just want to let people know that it is possible, and that you can do it," she said.

Now, Norma sees even more possibilities in the future.

"I changed my bucket list," Norma said. "Now I want to climb a rock wall, which I never thought would be possible. I want to go horseback riding. I want to zip-line. I want ride in a hot air balloon, and when I was bigger I couldn't because my leg wouldn't go over the basket."