CHARLOTTE (WCNC) – A family made a dramatic escape from a house fire, after the quick thinking of a three-year-old boy.

Firefighters say that little boy saved his parents lives by warning them about the fire. It happened at around 5 a.m. Friday on Seaforth Drive in Charlotte.

When crews pulled up to the house there was heavy smoke and flames. Inside at the time of the fire were two adults and a child.

The mother told firefighters she never heard any smoke alarms, but she did hear from her three-year-old son. That’s when the dad broke through a window. All three made it out alive.

Among the sea of firefighters, the man who saved the day wasn’t a man at all. He was a three-year-old boy who did what the family’s smoke alarm didn’t.

“He’s a hero,” says neighbor, Pete Voltz.

“Their three-year-old alerted the parents, saying there was a fire behind the couch, says Battalion Chief Peter Skeris.

Voltz says the dad then broke the window and put his son outside and then himself. Shortly after, Voltz got a knock on the door from the family.

“I heard my neighbor yelling, ‘Pete Pete, I need to get in’,” says Voltz.

Both parents were safely out. Three dogs saved too, but one cat did not survive. It appears there were no working smoke detectors, according to the mom.

“She said she did not hear a smoke detector activating,” says Chief Skeris.

“They would all be gone, it would have been bad,” says Voltz.

Voltz says the three-year-old is a talker and that this time his talking paid off in a big way.

The father was treated at the hospital for a laceration to his arm.

The fire did $60,000 in damage. The family will not be able to live there anymore, but they are fortunate to still have each other.