Atlanta -- Atlantans have a looooong road ahead of us (pun intended).

After sections of Interstate-85 came crumbling down because of a massive fire, Georgia Department of Transportation officials indicate it may be months before motorists are able to travel that section of I-85 through Midtown again.

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That fact, paired with the fact that our already-nightmarish commute is about to get much worse, has many Atlantans wondering how they're going to get through it all.

Thankfully, the Internet has come to the rescue to lighten up a serious incident and offer up a few chuckles to cope. It didn't take long for the photoshoppers and memers to take to social media with the jokes about MARTA and bridge repairs. We've compiled a few of the best ones for you to enjoy:

Though Atlanta will likely have to make some serious adjustments to our lives for the foreseeable future as repairs get done, thankfully, no one was injured in the Interstate collapse.

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