(KUSA) - A lot happens when you’ve been married for 65 years … including 65 wedding anniversaries.

One Colorado couple who reached this milestone decided not to mark the occasion with just flowers or a nice dinner. Instead, they paid it forward to strangers.

There’s where Jimiann Pope comes in.

She says she was at the Walmart in Timnath Tuesday morning when she got approached by a “beautiful couple.” They handed her a card and walked away.

“We would like to share our happiness in celebrating our 65th wedding anniversary,” the card reads.

The card says the couple was married on Dec. 21, 1952.

Accompanying the card was $65 cash.

“When I opened it I was so touched that I had to sit down and all that I could do was cry,” Pope wrote on Instagram. “I wasn’t able to find them in the parking lot but boy … they touched my life and inspired me in ways I could never explain.”

Pope says she wants to meet the couple in person to thank them.

But, it seems like this is a couple that doesn’t want to be recognized, that instead want to share some of the joy of 65 years of happiness with people they’ve never truly met.