(WLTX) -- With hurricane Matthew now past South Carolina today, many people that left their homes are on their way back, but first, they're taking a moment to fill up in the midlands. The big question when they get there is what will they find.

On their trip back from Georgia to Jacksonville, Bob Jenkins and his wife say traffic on Interstate 26 has been awful.

“Bumper to bumper on 26, very slow,” he says.

It was a similar situation for Tom Johnson and his wife headed back to Point South, South Carolina.

“Well I kinda of expect my dock to be damaged and other than that tree damage you never know it might have hit the house,” he says.

He says while he’s worried about what they might find he feels it is important to get back to see how he could help.

“I think we’ve got a lot of catching up to do personally, professional and county wise,” he says.

But first, they have to brave the traffic, making the long drive ahead even longer.

Again, it's important to remember if you’re headed back to one of those counties when the evacuation has not been lifted, you are on your own.