BRANDON, Fla. -- A suspected 17-year-old thief didn't realize he'd have to submit to multiple breath tests to keep the stolen vehicle running -- and it was all caught on camera.

Roman Provezano jumped into a running Honda Accord while its owner, Javier Ginart, was video chatting on his tablet on Dec. 17 at a Brandon McDonald's restaurant, according to a Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office news release.

Ginart heard someone getting into his car and got up to try and stop them.

Despite a struggle, Ginart held onto the car and was dragged a short distance -- scraping himself -- before letting go.

Two Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation officers attempted a traffic stop of the Honda, which they noticed was operating recklessly. The car was equipped with an ignition device that only operates when its driver provides a breath sample; Provezano had to give those samples to steal the car, the release states.

Deputies say Provezano threw out Ginart's tablet and ran off. The Honda was found the next day near the Hard Rock Casino. He was arrested shortly thereafter.

Provezano faces charges of carjacking and a violation of probation.