A guy began "raging" inside an El Paso McDonald's and punched the manager in the face because it took too long to give him his fries, according to a post on Facebook.

The videos and pictures were posted on Monday at 1:07 a.m. by Alfredo Sanchez who captured the incident on video.

In the video, you can see the man starting to throw a tirade in the middle of the McDonald's.

As he reaches to push items off of the counter, he lets go of the leash of a large gray dog that he has with him. The dog, seeming fearful of the man, works his way through the McDonald's towards the exit.

The man can be heard screaming expletives at what appears to be the manager of the store.

When the manager finally breaks and shouts back at the man, the man removes his shirt and begins to challenge the manager.

At this point, other members of the staff begin to intervene.

According to the post, the dog with the man was almost arrested.

Police arrived on scene and escorted the man outside of the restaurant.