A masked bandit recently broke into the Virginia Beach Correctional Center, not out of it.

The "bandit" is a 1-year-old raccoon, nicknamed "Bandit."

He stowed away on a pallet from Georgia that was delivering a toolbox to the jail two weeks ago.

Bandit entered the correctional center through a small hole in between two of the buildings and made a home inside the wall.

Bandit liked the jail so much, he decided to stay.

Virginia Beach Animal Control officers thinks Bandit likely stuck around because of his young age and because he found a source of food and water. They also said he appears to be healthy. He does not have access to the inside of the jail, so he doesn't come into contact with people inside the facility.

After some investigation, sheriff's office staff members determined Bandit has an escape route: a small hole that's too tiny for an adult human, but the right size for a juvenile raccoon.

He frequently makes appearances at the window of the jail's canteen where snacks for the inmates are stored.

Check out this video from the Virginia Beach Correctional Center: