It was around 7:30 Friday evening when Bonita Rodriquez and her husband were leaving Olive Garden near Stonecrest Mall.

As they approached the stoplight near the intersection of Turner Hill Road and Stonecrest Concourse, Bonita looked out the window to admire the roses, then noticed a huge rock.

"I just looked up to my right on the side of the road and I saw Jesus," she said.

Bonita quickly pointed out the image to her husband who couldn't quite make it out.

"He didn't see what I saw," she chuckled.

Bonita took a photo of the rock and later noticed that the arrow on the street pointed in its direction.

She said in that moment her spirit was uplifted. Bonita had recently received some bad news from her doctor regarding her health.

"I have a very low sodium count and the doctor has to adjust my medication," she said.

Bonita said she’s watched many news stories related to seeing Holy images.

"I felt so stupid. I made fun of people who saw Jesus in potatoes, and on the wall and in the sky.” Now, she said she understands. “I'm one of those people,” she laughed.

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