Football season doesn't start until September for South Carolina but the Gamecocks were still competing in a sense at SEC Media Days. Who had the best suit of Will Muschamp, Jake Bentley, Deebo Samuel and Hayden Hurst?

Welll for starters Muschamp and Bentley rocked similar styles going with traditional grey with pinstripes. Muschamp went with garnet stripes and Bentley went with blue. The sophomore quarterback gave his own assessment of the suit game.

"If you see me and Coach Muschamp we basically have the same suit on except I have blue stripes and he has red stripes but I think I look better in it."

Muschamp fired back during his press conference and said," You see how big his head is?" He compared Bentley's cranium to Gazoo, the green martian character from the Flintstones cartoon.

Then there's the favorite in Deebo Samuel who arrived in a flashy brown suede jacket with a gold bow tie and pocket square. He finished the ensemble with olive green pants and brown shoes.

"I think Jake and Coach Muschamp look alike,Samuel said with a smile. "I didn't give them any suggestions. They just went in and picked out their own suits."

For Samuel he's also been into fashion.

"You can ask my parents. Whenever I get money I just go buy clothes."

His SEC Media Day suit was a classic for Samuel.

"I didn't buy anything new. I just went into my closest and said this is probably the best suit I got so I put it on."

There's Hurst who may be the dark horse in the suit game. He had a dark charcoal grey and blue suit for SEC Media Days.

But Muschamp may have had the final say. I asked him who wins the best dressed award? Muschamp said,"C'mon man, me."

But Samuel always feels he's the best dressed no matter where he is.

Comment on this story and let us know who you think won the suit game. We'll see who'll take the title next year.