USC's clutch offensive plays in final minute of the game and set up the game winning kick for Wando product Parker White. But Will Muschamp already had Parker White ready to kick them to a 17-16 victory over Louisiana Tech long before the final drive.

White joined the program after getting a look from USC coaches who were recruiting his high school teammate OrTre Smith. Before his clutch field goal Parker was 0-4. But he was the hero once the ball cleared the uprights. After the game he said Coach Muschamp told him that he would make the game winning kick during halftime.

"I was just ready. I'm not going to lie my head was down a little bit. I had missed to kicks. I wasn't doing great but when he said that it really just lit a spark in me, coming from the head coach," White said. "I just kind of in my locker and he came up and told me that it was going to come down to me and he was right. I remember he shot me a big smile right before it. But no he didn't say too much. He gave me a high five and I knew he believed in me."

USC's other kicker Alexander Woznick was unavailable due to a groin injury. But Muschamp declared Parker White his kicker after the loss to Kentucky. In that game Park and Woznick missed an extra point and three field goals.

Muschamp stuck with Parker after the loss and stuck with him after two more misses in a close game at home.

"It's long season and we got a lot of football ahead of us and I've got a lot of confidence in Parker. I told Parker at halftime you're batting the distance. You're going the distance. I'm not pulling you out. We're going to put you back in there to kick the ball and you need to make the kick and you'll probably win the game for us. And it so turned out that's how it worked out," Muschamp said.

Hopefully those prophetic words from Muschamp will be enough for Parker to consistently make kicks for USC. His next test will be on the road as the Gamecocks go to College Station to play the Texas A&M Aggies.