Houston, Texas (KHOU) - The Sealy woman accused of sending explosives to Governor Greg Abbott and President Barack Obama also kept money she collected for a Harvey victim, according to the indictment. And that's not all.

As KHOU first reported on Wednesday, Julia Poff, 46, faces federal charges of mailing explosives with the intent to kill and injure.

Cat hair, cigarettes and salad dressing helped lead investigators to the Sealy woman, court documents show.

Investigators say Poff was upset with Gov. Abbott because she “had not received support from her ex-husband,” according to the indictment obtained by KHOU.

Abbott opened the package but the device didn't explode because it wasn’t opened the way it was designed to be. Had it detonated, it could have caused "severe burns and death."

The package sent to Obama was intercepted in screening.

An obliterated shipping label on the package sent to Abbott led investigators to Poff's address in Sealy, and a cat hair found under the shipping label of the package sent to Obama matched one of Poff's cats, the indictment says. The device contained a cellphone, a cigarette package and a Ken's salad dressing cap which were also linked to Poff. Witnesses said she had bought the salad dressing for an anniversary dinner, according to the indictment.

The packages were sent in October 2016 but Poff wasn’t indicted until earlier this month.

This isn’t her first run-in with the law. She has prior convictions for misdemeanor theft and felony fraud.

And when FBI agents contacted Poff’s employer at a law firm, they learned she had recently been fired for allegedly stealing money from a client. The employer told agents Poff also collected money and clothing for a widowed father and young child affected by Hurricane Harvey. According to the indictment, she gave the man the clothing but kept the cash.

Prosecutors brought up other incidents from Poff's past to bark up there arguing that she shouldn't be released on bail.

During earlier bankruptcy hearings, Poff was allegedly so abusive to court staff that security had to be increased.

Documents show that Poff has been evicted seven times for non-payment of rent and often left the premises in disrepair. “Concrete is poured down drains, potatoes are stuffed in toilets and dogs are locked in for a week to defecate and urinate,” the indictment said.

Because of her history, prosecutors asked that she be held without bond.

Poff's attorney, Ashley Kaper, declined to talk to an Associated Press reporter Friday.

CBS News and AP contributed to this report