A'ja Wilson knows about the Carolina-Clemson rivalry. Growing up in the Hopkins community, she has seen her share of games involving the arch-rivals.

Thursday night at Littlejohn Coliseum, Wilson will have one final round with the Tigers. USC has won seven straight in this series and another win would be the longest winning streak for either team in this series.

"I always want to beat Clemson in anything,” Wilson said.

“It’s always going to be a rivalry for me. I’m a homegrown girl, and that’s everything. You just gotta beat Clemson."

Wilson says USC is developing rivalries with the likes of Mississippi State and UCONN, but there is something different about competing against a rival within the state's borders.

"It’s an in-state thing," she said. That’s our culture. We know the Tiger Burn and things like that. That’s what I grew up on, so that’s why I take a lot of pride in it. Nothing’s better than an in-state rivalry.”