Refocus, reset and rebound.

Those three R's are what USC head Will Muschamp wants his team to do this week as it gets ready for Louisiana Tech.

But with the disappointment of the 23-13 loss at home to Kentucky still a fresh wound, Muschamp spent a good portion of his Tuesday news conference answering questions about what plagued his team Saturday against the Wildcats.

The coach says the outcome was due to lack of execution, not lack of effort.

"Let’s not confuse a loss with a lack of effort," Muschamp said.

"That frustrates me when I hear that, because that’s not always the case. It’s an easy cop-out. Saying, ‘Oh they lost the game. Obviously, they didn’t play very well, or obviously they weren’t very focused.’ We were focused the first play of the game. We seemed to be very focused, defensively, the second play of the game. We had positive results. At the end of the day it comes down to execution. "We need to coach better and we need to play better. We haven’t had an issue with offsides throughout training camp or throughout the the first two ball games on the road. We had an issue with it four times the other night. Whether it’s dialing in, focusing, or whatever you want to call it; at the end of the day we need to execute better."

Execution was especially glaring on the short-yardage situations when USC was unable to get those crucial yards to keep drives going or on one occasion, get into the end zone.

"I think in those situations you’ve got to evaluate, first of all, schematically what we’re doing," Muschamp said..

"We need to revisit some of those things that we have sensibly done since the game. Challenge the guys a little bit and understand the situation a little bit more. Being able to get one-yard, and I think it’s a combination of both."

*** Injury Notes ***

Muschamp said Deebo Samuel's surgery to repair a broken bone in his lower left leg "went extremely well and his spirits were good". Samuel tweeted out that he would be out five to six weeks with the injury although Muschamp said he has not discussed a timetable with Samuel but will do so at the appropriate time.

Starting offensive right tackle Zack Bailey will miss Saturday's game with Louisiana Tech with a high ankle sprain.