Growing up in Darlington, Tristan Smith loved going to the Darlington Raceway Museum along with the races that were at the Track Too Tough To Tame.

He knew he wanted a career in racing and after a number of years as an engineer for various teams, Tristan was serving as a team engineer for JTG-Daugherty Racing when opportunity knocked. He was promoted to crew chief in the middle of July. On Sunday, he was back at his home track where he was on top of the pit box for the #47 car driven by A.J. Allmendinger.

After years of working as an engineer, Tristan was ready for this next step.

"My ultimate goal was to one day be a crew chief," Smith said.

"But it seemed pretty distant. The last few years I was like 'this is attainable' and here it happened."

With Smith's promotion, both crew chiefs for JTG-Daugherty Racing are from Darlington. Trent Owens, who had been the crew chief for the 43 car, is in his first season with the 37 team driven by Chris Buescher.