USC running backs coach Bobby Bentley admits he was the most nervous before the UMASS game.

His son, Jake, was about to get his first taste of college football in what would be his first career start.

"Nervous would not be a good adjective to describe the UMASS game," Bentley said.

"You've got to remember, he wasn't getting many reps. Then all of a sudden, I'm having to watch him go out and play in the UMASS game. That was the one (game) where I'd say I was beyond nervous."

Bentley joined the USC staff after spending two seasons as an offensive analyst at Auburn, a position with no on-the-field coaching responsibilities. But his return to the Palmetto State saw the former Byrnes and Presbyterian College head coach return full-time coaching, although unlike most of his coaching career, he's not the one calling the plays.

"Now I just listen to the play and coach that play," Bentley said.

"So, my mentality's different than it used to be because I'm just making sure my guys do their job and make sure I do everything for my coordinator to please him and do my job."