The Newberry College spring game saw plenty of fans show up at Setzler Field over the weekend to see the defending South Atlantic Conference champions in action.

But among the fans who showed up was someone who knows what the Wolves are enduring. Former Newberry College All-American Ron Parker is currently a safety with the Kansas City Chiefs. He is gearing up for his seventh NFL season, not bad for an undrafted free agent who was released by several teams before his career took off with the Chiefs.

Parker says he is more than happy to come back and provide inspiration for the Wolves.

"I try to do everything in my power to come out and give those boys motivation," Parker said.

"I know when they see me, they get energized and hyped up. So I try to come out and give them the energy to go hard."

The Beaufort native says when he first came into the league, his experiences at Newberry College did not exactly give him credibility in the lockerroom which were filled with players from major Division I programs. But now that he's established himself as a three-year starter in the secondary, being from Newberry College carries a little more weight.

"Little old Newberry is on the map now," Parker said.

"I think they (NFL scouts) are trying to find another player like to come out and be a little superstar for their team. I think it's good for me to come out of Newberry and put Newberry on the map."