The first day of preseason practice for Coastal Carolina was anything but routine.

On Friday, head coach Joe Moglia announced he will miss the upcoming season and take a medical sabbatical. Moglia is suffering from a bronchial asthmatic reaction to allergies which causes inflammation around his lungs. It restricts his lungs which could create a serious breathing problem down the road. While Moglia is expected to be able to return to coaching after the five-month break, the question was how would his players handle that news and also deal with an interim head coach in Jamey Chadwell.

"You know I think there's still a little bit of a shock and surprise from what happened last night, which was to be expected," Chadwell said.

"But the kids are pretty resilient. So I think the first day was good and now we're going to look at the video and see how it actually looked. But I think the attitude, that's what we were worried about as a staff, what their attitude was going to be but it looked like business as usual and that's what Coach wanted it to be."

Chadwell was the head coach at Charleston Southern for the last four seasons, leading the Buccaneers to the playoffs in 2015 and 2016. He was named Coastal Carolina's associate head coach and offensive coordinator in January. Now he has to switch roles which he feels like he can do because the support staff in place.

"I'm going to try to lean on a lot of coaches who have been here as far as how we do things," Chadwll said.

"Our chief of staff, George Glynn who'll help me operate the rest - day to day - It's something that was unexpected but I feel like 'I've got to go do a great job, at least put it in position to be successful, on and off the field. The main thing is - not on the field as far as wins and losses, you don't want... the expectations, the priorities of the program, you want to make sure they keep going.That's where I don't want to say there's pressure but I want to do a great job for Coach on that."