Dabo Swinney was making his second trip to the White House to celebrate a national championship.

Swinney was a a receiver on the 1992 Alabama team which won the national championship, but his visit to the White House wasn't nearly as extensive as the one he enjoyed Monday.

Clemsons head football coach said there was more time to take in the history of the White House and they even we treated to a meal.

"It was really neat," Swinney said.

"We had plenty of time to walk around and really learn the history of the White House and a lot of the artifacts in the White House. So, it was really neat and then the opportunity to meet President Trump and visit the Oval Office and just the whole experience and be a part of really what's been a great tradition."

After Swinney was asked what it meant to be in Washington D.C. to carry on a tradition of champions being honored by the Commander-In-Chief, he pointed out the obvious.

"it means we're the champ because they don't bring the runner-up here," Swinney said with a smile.

"I think that's the biggest thing is we got it done. We actually thought we'd make it here last year, but we came up a little short. It just means that we were able to achieve something that's hard to do and to have the unique opportunity to visit the White House and the Capitol and D.C. in a very unique way, is a great experience for everyone involved and a great celebration for our team and the accomplishment that this team had in 2016."

This was the second trip to the White House for Clemson who were guests of Ronald Reagan after the 1981 national championship season.