Dabo Swinney loves going to games on Friday nights, but he doesn't want to be working.

The Clemson head coach loves going to high school games involving his sons who play for Daniel High School. But as far as having to work on a Friday night, Swinney makes it clear he's not thrilled about that arrangement.

"I don't like it, I don't like it," Swinney said.

"I want to be watching my sons play on Fridays. I don't like the fact that it takes away from the high schools on Friday night. I never like it, but I don't control it and Dan Radakovich doesn't control it. Those are TV contract stuff and i understand all that stuff. We don't have any control over it, so i don't really fret about it or worry about it. We just do what we do. I don't like it and it doesn't mean i have to like it."

Swinney will like it less if his team comes out flat against the Eagles after an emotional win at home over Louisville. However, Swinney says he expects the way the coaches prepare the team each week to set the tone.