During the preseason,He David Williams was clearly in Will Muschamp's doghouse.

Williams went from first on the depth chart to fifth and even was kicked out of an early August practice.

After a couple of meetings with USC head coach Will Muschamp, Williams was given an opportunity to get back in the coach's good graces.

The answer was for Williams to be more proactive and productive in practice and it appears the Philadelphia native has indeed been preparing in the way the coaches expect.

"I thought David played well, Saturday," Muischamp said.

"He did some nice things and has continued to improve his practice habits and understand that it's a daily process, going about your business. Hustle is a habit. Running through contact is a habit. It's just something you form and do all the time. You can't snap your fingers on game day and all of a sudden you're first."

Williams had his best game of his career Saturday against UMASS, scoring a pair of touchdowns on the ground along with 70 yards on 15 carries. Williams said during the preseason when he was falling down the depth chart, he watched how true freshman Jake Bentley carried himself as he was making the transition from early high school graduate to freshman quarterback.

"He could've pouted and I could have done the same thing but I just continued to make myself better," WIlliams said.

"Me moping around wouldn't have made me better and I wouldn't have been prepared when my number was called."