One scan from the box score from Wednesday night's Missouri game saw a number of bench players with some minutes as head coach Frank Martin tried to find a spark from somebody.

Evan Hinson, who is just days removed from the end of his redshirt freshman season in football, was on the court for 14 minutes in the 79-68 loss to Missouri.

His final stat line in his fourth basketball game of the season - a pair of free throws and four rebounds to go with a steal, a block and one assist.

But it's what he brought off the bench in terms of the intangibles that head coach Frank Martin saw and it's what might keep Hinson on the court as Martin searches for players who will play and prepare in the way he demands. It's no coincidence that Hinson's 14 minutes were a season-high and it goes back to Martin knowing what he will get with Hinson on the court in terms of effort.

"Evan, who hadn't practiced, was trying to tackle people two days ago," said Martin after the game.

"Hadn't practiced since the day before Clemson, he goes out there and plays with a little toughness and drove the ball and made some plays. He was on that team last year and he knows how good teams practice and how good teams prepare for games."

Hinson did not take part in spring practice in 2017 and is one of seven players on this year's roster who were on last year's Final Four team.