Even though it was a practice in helmets and shorts, it did appear the USC will field a faster team in 2017.

With the first day of preseason practice is in the books, USC gets closer to its season opener September 2 against N.C. State.

Head coach Will Muschamp will once again put his players through a tough, physical camp. Once the pads go on, the coaches will be able to see just who is ready to pay the price. That is also when the coaches get a true indicator just who is truly developing and that's the process Muschamp enjoys.

"That's the developmental process that I really enjoy as a coach," Muschamp said.

"To see a guy grow and mature. To see him come in as a freshman and whittle it down to the first practice to the 18th practice. But then to see him move from a freshman to sophomore, sophomore to junior and to see them grow up not just as football players but as people."

The players know you can't develop unless you face adversity and there will be plenty in practice as the coaches look to see who will make the most strides heading into week one.

"That's 'Champ, he's going to be tough," said USC senior defensive lineman Taylor Stallworth.

"We just have to embrace that it's going to be tough and go every day and work hard."

USC senior linebacker Bryson Allen-Williams says even last year when the coaches were putting the players through their most physical camp to date, they endured knowing the head coach had a plan in place.

"Muschamp is going to be a fair guy straight down the middle," said Allen-Williams.

"If you have to do something, you're going to do it until you get it right. He has a standard and he's not going to drop that standard."