It used to put help put out local fires and serve as transportation for first responders. Now, a certain fire truck is one of the major attractions for a local baseball team, and the Columbia Fireflies are just as surprised as you are.

"It kind of fell into our lap," Fireflies VP Of Marketing Abby Naas said. "Our director of stadium operations saw on an auction site the City of Cayce was retiring it and getting a new fire truck, and we got a great deal on it and why wouldn't the Fireflies have a fire truck?"

The 36 year old fire engine is from the Cayce Fire Department. Fireflies Director of Facilities, Edward Keen, got it for less than $5,000 and it only had 64,000 miles on it. Some local firefighters started their careers on this truck and now it's enjoying it's later days as a symbol for the Columbia franchise.

It still runs and the fire hoses still work too. During Sunday home games Kids get to cool off with equipment that can always turn down the heat.

"It's perfect for parades. We use it at every single Sunday game and hook it up and just drench kids for splash days out here. It's a fabulous addition to everything that we do. It just kind of fits well with our brand," Naas said.

What's another great use for a fire truck that's 30 feet long and 8 feet wide? Take it to lunch.

"It's a lot of fun. Sometimes people need to pay attention to their driving, not watching the fire truck because they'll drive toward you," Keen said with a chuckle.

This fire truck is the driving the force of the Columbia Fireflies and has become a fixture in the Midlands.

"We're just really proud to part of the family here in the community. And this our way to showing sight recognition to say hey come enjoy the family not just the baseball team," Keen said.

You can see the Fireflies Fire Truck back in action in a little while. The Columbia Fireflies are on a long road trip but they return to Spirit Communications Park on July 12