Marion Hobby is no stranger to the NFL.

After one season at Clemson in 2005, Hobby went to the NFL where he was an assistant coach for the New Orleans Saints from 2006-2007 before returning to the collegiate ranks at Duke.

He returned to Clemson in 2010 and had been with the Tigers for the past six seasons before returning to the NFL when new Jacksonville head coach Doug Marrone hired him to coach the defensive line.

Hobby comes to Jacksonville on the heels of Clemson winning the national championship. While Hobby is grateful to have been a part of that team, he has a new job with new challenges on a daily basis.

"I am in the process of learning," Hobby said after a recent Jacksonville practice.

"You pick a word for each year. Mine is 'learn'. Learning a new system, learning what coach's expectations are. Learning the area. I'm proud of winning the national championship last year, but we had to close that door. Kind of like the year before when we lost it, had to close that door too. It's kind of the same animal. You win it and you have to close the door."