Weekend haircuts are nothing new, but for a group of former USC football players, their trip to a local salon had a deeper meaning.

Former USC offensive lineman Jason Cox is a Strom Thurmond graduate who is currently living in Texas

Cox, who joined the USC program in 1997, has an eight-year-old daughter who is battling ovarian cancer. Jason decided to have his head shaved in support of her as she is undergoing chemotherapy.

Spearheaded by former USC deep snapper Adam Holmes, Cox's former teammates gathered at Blown Away Salon in Blythewood where they also went short - very short.

Holmes was joined by former USC tight ends Tommy Hill and Trey Pennington along with former Gamecock quarterback Kyle Crabb. The quartet hopes its public show of support for Cox and his family will provide some inspiration and support, while also raising awareness of the continuing battles against cancer than even children are not immune from having to face.