"Has anything created more division than social media?"

That was front and center on Frank Martin's mind Thursday when he met the media to preview next week's game at Clemson.

Martin is an avid user of Twitter and routinely engages with fans. But the last couple of weeks have seen some personal shots taken by Martin from fans in the wake of his comments about attendance.

However, if those fans think they are getting under the coach's skin, they will be disappointed to learn he doesn't take them as seriously as they may hope.

“I’ll say funny stuff when people are personal friends, I’ll put my thoughts on there and every X number of months, I might check somebody that I think is being disrespectful,” Martin said.

“The only time I start reading what people who I don’t know write, is when I’m in a real good mood and want to laugh, because I think it’s all a joke.”

Martin's opinion is that social media was great in the beginning, but now it creates more division instead of bringing people together. Still, Martin uses that medium to communicate with the masses. But as far as reading what people write, especially that one fan who referred to Frank as an "a**", Martin says the joke is on them.

“When I want to laugh at stupid stuff, I read what people who don’t know me put out there,” Martin said.

“So for me to read that ignorant stuff, I have to be in a good mood."