Three days after his team's 35-28 win over N.C. State and USC head football coach Will Muschamp was still grinding his axe over the first-half issues with the headsets.

Normally, USC co-offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Kurt Roper has a bird's eye view in the press box. But with the headsets malfunctioning and no way for the upstairs coaches to talk to the sideline crew, Roper spent the first half on the field.

On Tuesday, Muschamp was asked about adjustments when he took the discussion back to what transpired at Bank of America Stadium.

"It’s really good when you have communication with your press box,” Muschamp said.

“When you actually have a headset that works and you're able to have communication."

“The reason why you wear a headset is because the people in the box can tell you what they see because it’s easier to see from the box than it sometimes it is from the field. Does that make sense?"

The lesson wasn't over as Muschamp clearly wanted everyone to know, especially the makers of CoachComm, just how important functioning headsets are to the coaches who are trying to make adjustments during the course of a game.

"When you have that communication, it’s a really neat tool," he said.

"That’s why this unbelievable thing in football is happening where everybody wears headsets because they work. Most of the time. So it's easy to make adjustments when have communication from the box, is what I'm trying to say."

Then came the understatement of the day.

"There's a tad bit of sarcasm in with that," Muschamp said.