Heathwood Hall is in the midst of the first preseason camp under head coach Marcus Lattimore.

The former USC running back has his team going through two-a-day workouts for the first few days, although the afternoon session is more of a walk-through and that session is just as important because Lattimore says that can be where games are decided.

"Mentally, we've got to get better," Lattimore said.

"Physically, we'll be okay and we'll be able to compete. But mentally is going to be the difference for us."

Lattimore was promoted from assistant coach to head coach in January. After playing at a high level for Byrnes and USC, he wants to install the same toughness that he displayed during his career.

"Our guys are going to fight and they're going to work hard," Lattimore said. "

We're going to try to get good quality work in. Install our offense, install our defense, install our special teams. And let it all come together so they can see it with our scrimmage come August 5."