This season the Midlands has 10 high school coaches taking over new programs. Brian Smith is already making an impact at Blythewood.

Smith comes in From CE Murray High School where he led the War Eagles to 12 wins and a state final appearance in 2015. He takes over for Dan Morgan who led the Bengals to 8 wins and a second round playoff berth last season. But Smith has had a full spring, summer and now training camp to put his imprint on the team and he's getting some results.

"The guys have bought in. You're seeing a lot of leadership take place now and they're much more physical stronger than they were when we got here in the spring so that's going to help come this fall," Smith said.

Smith and the Bengals were very active during the offseason as they sought many opportunities to work out their new schemes on opponents and it's allowed the team to bond.

"We had a great summer. We won a lot of tournaments and 7 on 7 and stuff that build team comradely with the guys and I believe they are truly ready for the season."

The new head coach is shying away from high expectations in his debut season at Blythewood.

"Our whole motto is championships. We want to win championships. That's what would be successful us if we come away with a championship."

So the new head coach has high expectations for his team. For their high level of success they'll need a lot of production from Brandon Tucker.

The senior defensive lineman and captain has an offer from South Carolina State and he will be a major part of the Blythewood defense. Tucker has noticed the difference between practices and training from his old coach to his new coach and it could have huge dividends for the Bengals.

"At this point of the year everyone has each other's back. We learn that if one something does something wrong then we all do something so we try to keep each other accountable for all the things we do," Tucker said.

"We're more together as a team and we're out here for each other."

Smith and Tucker are pretty are looking forward to the Bengals can accomplish this season.

"We had a great offseason. Ready to get after it. We have a great team, great talent, a great team coached by great coaches and we're ready to get after it this year," Tucker said.

The Bengals start the year on the road against Rock Hill on Friday August 18.