The high school baseball state championship series started on Saturday and that night River Bluff had a home game in the 5A series opener against Northwestern. The top two teams in the state and they went at it and the final score would be determined in extra innings by River Bluff.

Northwestern would score first but River Bluff had an answer in the bottom of the second as Cameron Cribb rips an rbi single to bring home Alex Urban and we're tied at one.

But Northwestern would score two runs in the third, capped by a sac fly and the Trojans would lead 3-1.

The Gators struggled over the next couple of innings, however, their bats would make contact in fifth inning rally.

Walker McDowell hits an rbi double to make it a 3-2 game and the comeback is on for River Bluff.

The Gators would tie the game 3-3 with a sac fly of their own and that would be scored after five innings.

This game would go all the way into the 10th inning but River Bluff wins it 4-3 on a Stephen Knight walk off rbi single as the Gators take game one.

Game two is at Northwestern on Tuesday.