The high school football seasons is just days away and local teams are practicing and scrimmaging before kickoff. Spring Valley hosted Brookland Cayce Saturday morning for their very first scrimmage.

Both teams had some miscues as one would expect but they also displayed their playmaking ability as well. Each team scored through the air during the first period. Spring Valley was able to outscore Brookland Cayce by the end of the scrimmage.

The Vikings won 9 games last season before bowing out of the second round of the 5A Lower State Playoffs. After today's Scrimmage Vikings head coach Robin Bacon saw a lot from his team that he'll be able to build on as the season approaches.

"I was really pleased with our effort. We did not have a good practice yesterday and they played a lot better, probably than what I expected. This team has a lot of potential. We're young in some areas but a lot of potential," Bacon said.

Spring Valley is lost a lot on both sides of the ball going into this year. Bacon said depth is an issue for his team but players have attempted to fill the holes.

"We only have three returners coming back on defense. We had eight guys that are fresh that are out there that we need to see and get film on. But some of the guys that backed them up were question marks and they played pretty well today. The offensive line, we lost all five of our offensive line, we got most of our skills guys back. Obviously your offensive line is going to drive your offense but for the most part I think the kids played really well."

The Viking defense is led by one of the top recruits in the country for 2018. Linebacker Channing Tindall has received offers from South Carolina, Florida, Florida State and Georgia to name a view. He had a sack and couple of tackles during the scrimmage but that was only possible because some young players stepped up.

Tindall was impressed with his quarterback, Quincy Hill, who has an offer from Jacksonville University and the underclassmen. He thought they did well after competing against a different color jersey for the first time this summer.

"We have a kind of a young defensive line so I was really impressed with them today. They came out and set the tone. It was good to see a little drive from our younger players. We played a good team today and we held them pretty well and we learned from our mistakes but we still have a long way to go," Tindall said.

Hill was able to move the offense and score through the air and on the ground during the Scrimmage and that's something Tindall is accustomed to seeing.

"He likes to set the tone for the offense and he's done that since I've met him. He's going to be a very good component this year and someone to really look at."

The Vikings start their season at Fort Mill on Friday night August 18.