Earlier today at Eau Claire High School kids from 4 to 19 years old were able to learn some basketball skills in the annual Hoopology basketball camp.

Almost 200 kids are in this year's camp. Some of the best local players from the past few years served as counselors as well. Former Gamecock and NBA Hall Of Famer Alex English out of nearby Dreher High School stressed some important themes for the campers.

"I like to make sure that before I leave camp that they got a message. They understand the importance of not just being a good athlete, basketball player but the importance and necessity for them to be good students as well," English said.

James Abrams, the CEO and Director of Hoopology, was glad English was able to come out so that his presence could felt among aspiring young players.

"He's done everything that these guys are trying to do. For them to hear his story about him coming from Dreher High School and playing at the University of South Carolina and making it to the NBA is very important," Abrams said. "It's not a good or bad thing it's a need. This is what a lot of these kids need to hear."

Another player kids need to hear from is Tevin Mack. He was a star at Dreher high school and had what looked like a promising career at Texas. But in two years he was suspended multiple times and was released from the program so he could transfer. Now he's at Alabama.

Mack has his own message for kids in the same Hoopology camp he was in when he was their age.

"It's just a great experience to come back and give back to the players and the younger kids and kind of let them know what we've been through. The things that we know and been through can help them out in the future," Mack said. "I'm just trying to share some of my knowledge that I've learned in the past few years with these kids so they know not make the same mistakes or things that we've done so they can just learn to better themselves and be better than we are."

The Hoopology Camp at Eau Claire High wraps up on Thursday. You can register for open spots here-http://www.hoop-ology.com/events.html