Bobby Bentley has said in the past that as the running backs coach, he made it a point to never stick his head in the quarterback meetings and work with his son. He left that to Kurt Roper.

But with the dismissal of the former quarterbacks coach and play caller, the elder Bentley was tapped by head coach Will Muschamp to take over as quarterbacks coach, at least through the Outback Bowl.

Bentley is no stranger to coaching quarterbacks or coaching his son. But this time, the arena will be bigger and if things go well with Bryan McClendon calling plays, the move to working with the quarterbacks could be permanent.

In the meantime, both Bentleys are enjoying the process of being reunited on the practice field once again.

Jake says his father treats him the same as he does the other quarterbacks. No favoritism for the coach's son. Although the father-son aspect is still obvious.

"I still call him 'Dad' on the practice field," Jake said.

"I don't want to call him 'Coach'. Even though he is a coach. You know what I mean. But I'm going to call him 'Dad'. Just feels weird saying 'Coach Bentley'.

"At the dinner table, he's kind of both. I mean he'll sit there and he'll ask 'How was your day?' and then he'll bring up practice. It's kind of funny."