It was either Troy or Wofford.

Dabo Swinney wasn't exactly sure at first who was the opponent in Tajh Boyd's first career start at quarterback for Clemson but he does know one thing - it was raining boos in the Valley on that day.

"We got booed off the field that first game," Swinney recalled.

"Might have been Wofford. Literally, we got booed coming in at the half. Wofford was kicking our, they might have been up."

After further review, it was determined Troy was the opponent. Still, the bottom line was Tajh Boyd did not come out of the gates strong and during the game, the Clemson coaches were quite perplexed.

"We're all sitting there as coaches going 'Where the heck's our quarterback," Swinney said.

"(Former offensive coordinator) Chad's (Morris) on 12 packs of gum and he doesn't know what to say. He's going 'I don't know where our quarterback is, somebody kidnapped our quarterback!' He's going crazy on the headset."

Eventually, Boyd developed into a winning quarterback and Swinney hopes Bryant will do likewise.

"I know what I've seen on the practice field and I know what I saw out of Tajh on that practice field," Swinney said.

"Just didn't quite show up early and then he blossomed and hopefully Kelly will not miss a beat."