As you get older you may lose a step or two or even become less active. You can stay active and compete no matter your age and one Midlands resident proves just that.

80-year-old Beverly Quarles is quite an active young lady. This weekend she participated in CrossFit Bomb Island's 1st Annual Winter Classic Competition in Chapin.

Beverly, out of West Columbia, was in the grand master class and she did her thing from doing steps on high boxes to the row machines. She said her favorite exercise are the sit-ups.

This competition also had CrossFit athletes as young as 11 like Toler Hornick.

For Beverly she's always been active and age hasn't slowed her down.

"Yes I played basketball and softball, never anything really great but I enjoyed being outside. Tennis. I've always played that. Water skiing. That's one of my favorite sports," Quarles said.

Her favorite sport right now has to be CrossFit. She notes all the benefits of participating in the activity because it actually helps her in many ways.

"Well it exercises the body so well and it keeps my mind in tune with what's going on and so I think it really emotionally, physically and mentally is a wonderful work out. The comradery is wonderful. I'm here with all these young people. Obviously I'm the oldest one in the gym and I enjoy being with the crowd of young people. That's the main thing. I enjoy being with the young people."

Quarles may be 80 but she is definitely young at heart.