Over at Cardinal Newman was the opening day the Alex English Basketball Skills Camp. Alex is a local product out of Dreher High School and is a NBA Hall Of Famer.

Some of the kids may not realize they're getting tips from one of the best players in NBA history. For Alex he loves providing this opportunity for kids in the Midlands because he hopes someone can learn and apply the essentials so they can become just a great as he was.

"I got back to the days when I was playing and coaching and we used to do this camp at Newberry College. Some of the best basketball players that ever played in South Carolina came out of those camps and we want to get back to that. We want to start teaching them young though. In order to become a good basketball player you have to learn the basic skills early," English said.

The Alex English basketball skills camp is all inclusive as well. James Abrams, who partners with Alex through Hoopology, recognizes the young girls are getting into basketball more and more.

This camp helps develop their skills too and maybe one of them will be become future Gamecocks or WNBA players who can say they used to participate at this camp.

"Sometimes some of the kids can learn from each other and sometimes the boys get upset to see the girls doing things just as good as them or better. It pushes both. It pushes both genders. The game is not gender specific. It's a sports so we love having both them together," Abrams said.

The Alex English basketball skills camp continues through Thursday at Cardinal Newman.