Over 8300 fans came out to Spirit Communications Park Sunday night to watch Tim Tebow play one more time. News broke on Sunday afternoon that Tebow was moving up to play with the St. Lucie Mets and one soldier just so happened to make to the game to his favorite player's final game in Columbia.

Chris White. A solider stationed at Fort Jackson flew all the way back from South Korea and made it back in time to see Tebow play. By the time he landed he found out that Sunday's finale against Kannapolis would be Tebow's last game so he booked to Spirit Communications Park.

White feels Tebow is an inspiration because of the way he carries himself.

"He's really one of those guys who is down to earth and it just shows you that if you put your mind to it you can do anything that you want and that's what he tells everybody. He doesn't listen to what other people say about him, whether he's good or not. He just does what it because that's what he wants to do."

Other Tebow fans like White echoed those comments in the video above.

Tebowmania is over in Columbia but Fireflies fans can say he made his pro baseball career start in South Carolina.