The first scrimmage of the Mark Kingston era is in the books.

USC's second scrimmage of the weekend is set for 12:30 pm Saturday and new head coach Mark Kingston knows that the fans who show up now and next year expect the team to be back in the NCAA Regionals.

While the pressure to win at USC is intense, Carolina's new head baseball coach would have it no other way.

"The passion for this program is through the roof and I love that," Kingston said.

"Go big or go home is what I say. I want the expectations because our expectations are the same."

Kingston has been and will be asked about the pressure to win at USC which has always been there and only increased after the current athletics director led the program to back-to-back national championships in 2010 and 2011. Kingston's attitude is 'Bring it'.

"I don't feel the pressure to be the head coach here, I just feel that it's a very big responsibility," Kingston said.

"So I'm taking that responsibility very seriously. My staff is. Our players are. It's a responsibility that if you focus on everyday the things necessary to win, you don't have time to think about the pressure. We know our fans want to win. But I can assure them, we want to win just as badly."