Frank Martin says one day he may sit down with Lamont Evans to find out what led him down a road that has ended with Evans being one of 10 people arrested in an FBI corruption case.

Martin and Evans have been longtime friends and while USC's head coach is understandably upset at what his friend and former assistant is going through, the problems plaguing Evans are his and his alone.

"Unless there is something there that I don't know, this university is not being investigated,” Martin said.

“Lamont Evans is being investigated. Frank Martin is not being investigated. Lamont Evans is being investigated. Our basketball program is not being investigated. Lamont is being investigated."

Evans followed Martin from Kansas State to USC and stayed on the Gamecock bench for four seasons before taking a job at Oklahoma State. After Evans was arrested by the FBI on bribery and corruption charges, Oklahoma State fired Evans who is accused of accepting #22,000 for steering recruits to certain schools.

Martin says he has a clear conscience concerning the way he runs his program. But that does not mean he isn't wishing he could do something to help his friend.

"I go to bed at night, ever since this hit and I sleep like a baby," Martin said.

"But when I wake up, that's when I'm bothered because it's one of my guys."