If Raykym Felder is going to return to the USC program, an important step will happen in the coming weeks.

On the season premiere of "Carolina Calls", USC head coach Frank Martin said he and Felder will meet "face to face" and determine what's next for the Brooklyn guard who came on strong in the post-season as a freshman. He scored 15 points in USC's upset win over Duke which punched the Gamecocks' ticket to the Sweet 16.

Felder was suspended in August following a July 13 arrest on charges that he spit on a woman in a Five Points incident that triggered a large fight. The charges have since been dropped.

"Eventually, it'll come to a point where I'll make a decision if I want to start coaching Rakym," Martin said on his radio show.

"There's a personal relationship there and then there's a coaching relationship. I get along with a lot of people I'm not prepared to coach.

"I've got to make sure I can coach him."

Martin added that he and Felder still communicate but that face to face meeting will be important as both men sit down and figure out the next move.

"Rakym is very dear to me," Martin said.

"He's a fine young man. I'm still not in a place where I've made decision with what his situation is and I'm not trying to rush into it, either. He's not a part of our team right now. He and I speak regularly. I'm going to continue to support him and help him as a human being. But I'm kind of busy trying to coach the guys on our team right now that didn't make mistakes to help us become the best team that we can be."