One day after watching freshman quarterback Jake Bentley make his USC debut against UMASS, head coach Will Muschamp was able to go in depth concerning the performance of Bentley who threw a pair of touchdown passes and committed zero turnovers.

“I thought he did some nice things,” Muschamp said Sunday.

“There were some communication issues that we need to handle a little better with some signals and things, just cleaning some of those things up as much as anything. Couple of times in some intermediate balls, we didn't clear the windows of some things as far as some throws that were made. But again, we will continue to work through that and develop that. And the more snaps and the reps and the culmination of all those things happening, he'll continue to improve.

"He works hard at it, came out (Sunday) and worked hard at it. Continue to watch the film and develop. Football is a developmental game and right for these guys, Brandon and Jake, the game is moving at a much faster pace and a much more complex pace that they've seen and it will continue to increase on Saturday night against Tennessee.”

Muschamp going forward, it will be Bentley and McIlwain on the field with senior Perry Orth watching from the sidelines.

“I just feel like right now, just from an ability standpoint, those two guys give us the best opportunity," Muschamp said.

"And they're just going to keep getting better. Both of them do things equally well, and we’ll continue to rep that way,”

As one would expect, Orth has taken the news in typical Perry fashion.

"Perry's been great as far as supporting our guys, he's been a great teammate, he's a great young man. He's a guy who's certainly is a very valuable member of our organization and a guy who I have the utmost respect for."

USC will host 18th-ranked Tennessee Saturday night.