Preseason practice means USC's coaching staff will arrive at work at the crack of dawn and leave late in night. Each day will consist of an intense and demanding practice to go with extensive film study. Lack of sleep will be common.

Will Muschamp couldn't be happier. USC's second-year head football coach loves the preseason grind.

"You know I love spring ball because you don't have to get ready for a game and the true development of a player is what I love," Muschamp said.

"But training camp is awesome. To see practice one to practice 18, the improvement a young man can make, the improvement your football team makes. I love this process and what we do."

Muschamp gave a detailed schedule which lets everyone know just how much the coaches put into a season.

"Well, we'll be up early," Muschamp said.

"We'll be in the building by seven o'clock. Our staff will be in the building by six o'clock in the morning and our staff probably won't be leaving until after midnight. You know as we review the film and review our football team. We discuss every football player on our team every single day - about the improvements he's making, the development he's making within our organization and what helps us win because every decision we make is about winning."