USC head football coach Will Muschamp met the media Saturday to talk about the progress of his team after the eighth of 15 spring practice workouts. But he also took a moment to acknowledge the accomplishment of the men's basketball team.

"It's awesome," Muschamp said of USC's 93-73 victory over Marquette in the NCAA Tournament in Greenville.

"You know, since 1973, I was in shock when Coach Tanner told me that because I know we've had some really good basketball teams here and some great coaches. Really happy for Frank. In my opinion, it's expected as far as how they are with their program. Extremely, extremely happy for him (Martin). I think the world of the guy, the job he does and what he represents and represents the University of South Carolina. Certainly pulling for him on Sunday, that's for sure."

Muschamp said he will do his best to make it to Sunday's game at the Bon Secours Wellness Arena. If he goes, he can check out of one of his players who is on the basketball roster. Evan Hinson is a 6-4 tight end who started practicing with the team in October. His most recent action was in the SEC Tournament when he scored four points against Alabama. Muschamp has been keeping up with Hinson's progress on the court and joked that he's having to recruit for both football and basketball.

"I'm going to have to continue to recruit for Frank, I guess," he said.

"I coached him for those first two shots in the SEC (Tournament) game against Alabama. But Frank coached him on the air ball. So, let's make sure we understand that."

Muschamp hinted he could see Duane Notice playing safety and Rakym Felder at cornerback.

"I could outfit a team," Muschamp said.