USC head football coach WIll Muschamp brought up recent history with Tennessee to his team to hammer home the point that a handful of plays have played a major role.

The last four meetings have been decided by a total of 11 points. As his team gets ready to face the 18th-ranked Volunteers, Muschamp talked about why he remind his guys just how competitive this series has been.

"What’s going to make a difference from our last three games is our preparation, and that’s the motivation for our guys," Muschamp said.

"How you practice on Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday and Friday, and your mental preparation and physical preparation for the game make a difference. Those 11 points are going a different way for us. That’s really why I brought it up as much as anything, to say ‘hey, a play or two here or there and that’s a different ball game and we feel a little different about the situation.’ The bottom line is that Tennessee has won the last three years, and we’ve got to do something to change it.”

USC comes in on the heels of a 34-28 win over UMASS, while Tennessee had an open date. The Volunteers have dropped two straight games - to Texas A&M in overtime on the road and Alabama. Before that, Tennessee faced Florida at home and Georgia in Athens.

"The last four games for them have probably been as tough a run as I’ve seen in a long time in this league as far as who they’ve played and where they’ve played them," Muschamp said..

"Obviously they were off this week, but I think they’ve got a really good football team."